Laughing at the Future…

I'm sorry if these last few pieces have been a bit deeper. I hope you're up for it, but honestly if you aren't then it's truly ok. Read what you need today and skip mine. I'm not hurt or offended. This isn't for everyone. I've tried to sit down and write cheery little articles that... Continue Reading →


Riding Along; Invited in.

So an accountant got up and dressed about a month or so back around 4:30 in the morning to go ride along on a 12 hour shift with two paramedics for a day. She's just been a stay at home mom/wife for the past couple years. Just kinda doing her thing and just so happened... Continue Reading →

Growing in the Dark.

God has created you with amazing treasures that he's already instilled in you. Like the seed, it has all of the nutrients that God designed it with to grow and become this amazing tree or flower. In the darkness, hidden, when no one else can see what's going on God will water it and give life... Continue Reading →

Processing Mother’s Day

Perspective changes everything and how we process and experience life is very different based on the seasons we each go through. I have found myself extremely intrigued by my experience of loss and grief now and how my perspective on life seems more accurate and far more extensive than it did before. I look at older... Continue Reading →

Loving Grandma Penny

Subconsciously I must been thinking about my Grandma a lot this past week or so because pictures and things keep coming up. Another day when it's not so late I'll sit down and write down tons of wonderful memories about her but for now I'm just going to leave a few quick things. She was amazing... Continue Reading →

Learning to Sail This Ship

It's been a weird month here in my world. It started out with a book I was reading titled, Your Life... Well Spent. I intentionally read a chapter a day, wanting to slowly process and digest, as it discussed the balance of family, money, and legacy. From there I spent two weeks trying to internally... Continue Reading →

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