Coming to a close.

I already told her that I see it coming. I can picture it so perfect in my mind already as I stand back and view the beauty in that room. All of the Christmas lights and decorations, the round tables and buzz of laughter and conversations. These moments where we all gather and celebrate. I... Continue Reading →


Bringing back my childhood magic…

As the tires leave the pavement my van dips and gives into the gravel and I swing through the open gates. There's something about the sound of gritting stones and dirt underneath me that fuels the adventure leaping within my heart. A couple of pickups are parked way across the lot with empty boat trailers.... Continue Reading →

Preparing for the Change…

At a nice and steady 68mph today we zipped down 23 with excitement and yet this sense of easy peace. Going south of the Michigan border usually finds me impatient at our neighbors' crawling speed limit but today there was no rush. Just us and adventure awaited! With plenty of time to get there, great... Continue Reading →

When you weather storms with other people it often times becomes an environment where you develop a deeper intimacy in one capacity or another. There's friends that have known my husband and I since way back when we were really struggling in our marriage and finding out who we were. There's friends that were with us... Continue Reading →

Today my sweet friend from Anavista came over to help me understand my A6000 a bit better. Meaning she started from scratch and went over photography 101. You know... important basics like aperture, shutter speed and ISO! She took me through all of the various settings on my camera and just did an overview on... Continue Reading →

In the matter of a few weeks just about everything about our year as changed. I would love to have everything planned and figured out, but just like many of you I'm just doing this thing one day at a time. Today in particular was a big day emotionally as my hubby and I finally decided that... Continue Reading →

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