Coming to a close.

I already told her that I see it coming. I can picture it so perfect in my mind already as I stand back and view the beauty in that room. All of the Christmas lights and decorations, the round tables and buzz of laughter and conversations. These moments where we all gather and celebrate. I... Continue Reading →


Organizing thoughts.

Usually when I sit down to write I've spent quite a bit of time processing these jumbling feelings, thoughts and emotions. My heart spends quite a bit of time mulling over the racing thoughts that come over and over. It's like brushing my daughter's hair... each passing stroke more of the tangles loosen but usually... Continue Reading →

Hang in There, Friend…

Today I posted the first encouraging video to The Encouraging Voice youtube channel since dropping all of my licenses. It'd been since the summer I think since I posted my last one and I was just dissatisfied with what I was producing. Yes, I was getting some aspects of things slowly, and yes there's truth... Continue Reading →

Laughing at the Future…

I'm sorry if these last few pieces have been a bit deeper. I hope you're up for it, but honestly if you aren't then it's truly ok. Read what you need today and skip mine. I'm not hurt or offended. This isn't for everyone. I've tried to sit down and write cheery little articles that... Continue Reading →

Bringing back my childhood magic…

As the tires leave the pavement my van dips and gives into the gravel and I swing through the open gates. There's something about the sound of gritting stones and dirt underneath me that fuels the adventure leaping within my heart. A couple of pickups are parked way across the lot with empty boat trailers.... Continue Reading →

Riding Along; Invited in.

So an accountant got up and dressed about a month or so back around 4:30 in the morning to go ride along on a 12 hour shift with two paramedics for a day. She's just been a stay at home mom/wife for the past couple years. Just kinda doing her thing and just so happened... Continue Reading →

Worship; Coming home to Hope.

The anticipation of walking into the room. You hear the voices and the music rumbling through the doors and it gets clearer and brighter as you get closer. Entering from the back you can see the myriad of silhouettes gently shifting through the lights of white and blue. The music builds and I walk right... Continue Reading →

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