Bringing back my childhood magic…

As the tires leave the pavement my van dips and gives into the gravel and I swing through the open gates. There's something about the sound of gritting stones and dirt underneath me that fuels the adventure leaping within my heart. A couple of pickups are parked way across the lot with empty boat trailers.... Continue Reading →


Preparing for the Change…

At a nice and steady 68mph today we zipped down 23 with excitement and yet this sense of easy peace. Going south of the Michigan border usually finds me impatient at our neighbors' crawling speed limit but today there was no rush. Just us and adventure awaited! With plenty of time to get there, great... Continue Reading →

Riding Along; Invited in.

So an accountant got up and dressed about a month or so back around 4:30 in the morning to go ride along on a 12 hour shift with two paramedics for a day. She's just been a stay at home mom/wife for the past couple years. Just kinda doing her thing and just so happened... Continue Reading →

Today my sweet friend from Anavista came over to help me understand my A6000 a bit better. Meaning she started from scratch and went over photography 101. You know... important basics like aperture, shutter speed and ISO! She took me through all of the various settings on my camera and just did an overview on... Continue Reading →

Launching changes…

Today via FB live shared the vision of The Encouraging Voice and the changes coming this year. There's still an incredible amount of details that need to be determined and yet I'm ready to continue getting this going one step at a time. And that's how life goes, right? There's so many things that are... Continue Reading →

We used to be able to refer to our 'old house' and then our 'new house,' and it was funny because our old house was the new house and our new house was an old house. But then we moved again. And then again. Originally, after we moved back from Tuscon, we were able to score a... Continue Reading →

Finding New Places.

One of my most favorite things to do is go exploring paths and parks. Not the big nature paths or hiking trails, but just those cool little spots around our city's parks or creeks. It's easy for me to access with my littles and we can take an hour and still  be able to scoot back... Continue Reading →

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