About the The Encouraging Voice

The Encouraging Voice is just that.

It’s that encouraging voice shouting out amidst the good, the crazy, the hectic, and the hard… speaking life and hope into your world. We all need folks around us that lift us up and spur us on towards greatness. Especially when it’s matters of our dreams, our families, or during those hard times of change, loss, or trial.

17879968_646363485548459_2265133286112191241_oThrough sharing my heart and where God has lead me so far in this incredible life, I am giving you everything I am able. It’s my purpose to speak life and encouragement, to remind you of God’s truth and love for you, and to root you on as you pursue the things God has laid on your heart and life. Through events, conferences, teachings, encouraging videos, gatherings, or social media we’ll keep you connected as best we can with what’s going on around Fenton, MI. I believe that if we all let God lead us, he’ll direct the symphony, and the world will absolutely be changed. May this project always be used for His will and good purpose and be used to spur you on towards greatness, wholeness and truth.

Be faithful in what you’ve been given and the one life you have.
Stay tender to His leading and to those around you.
Be brave in pursuing your dreams and the greatness you were born to know.

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