Going Deeper…

To be honest, a couple weeks ago I was a bit anxious to start a new year. Not a big “all-out-of-sorts” type anxiousness, but just that bit that gets you jittered and antsy, unable to settle and focus. With our new sweet baby girl in the house since September our home has finally started to settle into our new normal. Slowly but surely we’re getting our routine back and everyone has found their place again. For now.

This sweet girl and our family continues to grow and change. It all does. Life never stays one way. So here we go… another year full of new adventures. This year our sweet baby will hit all these milestones and turn 1. Our sweet rambunctious boy will start all day young 5’s… and then the two bigs just keep growing like weeds. I’m so grateful for my family but I’m trying so hard to enjoy all these little moments and take pictures and make memories. It’s going so fast.

But with the anxiousness…. I think at first I was worried about new baby and getting back into the groove of work, church and The Lighthouse Experiment. I just don’t want to let the people that matter to me most down. There’s so much to do, so many incredible things to do this year and I don’t want to mess it up. But, I believe God, in his grace and wisdom has placed me here, and so I’ll keep doing everything I can to be teachable, obedient, and faithful in all that He’s given me to do.

I believe that God gave me the word intimacy this year. I’m going deeper guys in all these areas. God hit me this week with a deeper understanding of just how much he loves me, pursues me, and desires to be so close. He’s so good and amazing and I just want to keep walking this out. He’ll take me step by step – and he will with you too. I want to go deeper in my relationships here at home – with my husband and children. I want to go deeper with my friendships and community – to not hold back and be more transparent and trust them with that proximity to my heart. I want to go deeper in my ministries and work – to allow God to show me more of his heart and power in all that he has for me at FCC and with The Lighthouse Experiment.

The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying, Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn you. ~ Jeremiah 31:3

The truth is that we aren’t good enough and we will screw it up – apart from Him. But the wonderful thing is that he isn’t expecting us or even wanting us to do this on our own. He’s called us by name and desires so much to walk an intimate journey with each of us. So let’s do it this year. Keep walking by faith toward what God has for you. Doing it step by step, day by day, and trusting him in the places he’s put you.

Here’s to 2K19 and all that it will bring.


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