I Forgot How Little…

IMG_6244Last night I was up past midnight trying to move picture and video files over to a USB backup from my Mac. This #35weekpregnant mama was just trying to get things organized and accomplished and I was so annoyed. My dear hubby had dumped a ton of stuff from his old pc (that he had from his job for the past 8 years) onto my Mac right before turning it in earlier this summer. And ever since I’ve had this silly thing yelling at me that I’m out of space and don’t have any more storage. grrr.

Giving up almost an hour later I headed to bed, tripped over his dress shoes by the end of the bed, and in a very mature fashion whipped them both at his closet door and plopped myself in bed. Today I was exhausted but spent the entire afternoon catching up with a friend that I’ve known now for almost 8 years and have always been able to be exactly myself with. It was wonderful.

IMG_6258.JPGLater, after leftover tacos and cleaning up the kitchen with my girls, I sat down. Tired and out of breath, I once again tried to get even a little bit of this file organization accomplished. Instead, curious, I started clicking on the old QT Movie files and found myself surprised and enamored with just how little my girls were just 5 years ago. It brought me back to remembering what it felt like, what life was like, without little brother. With each kiddo our entire reality has shifted and life and family is forever changed all over again. Looking back on those years, I sometimes wish I wasn’t so busy with work, stressed about money, and looking ahead to other things. But I know and remember God leading me out of stress and worry and reminding me to be present in each moment. I know I’ve tried and I know I did what I could. I know I’ve grown and matured so much and I’m grateful for God being so patient, kind, faithful, and consistent with me. IMG_6282

So here we go again. Life as we know it will only be this way for a few more weeks. I’m at the point where it’s tricky to get around and get things done. I’m starting to look forward to being ‘just me’ and being able to bend and run, wear regular clothes and reach my shoes like a normal person. But this little girl is already so worth it and I can’t wait for all of us to meet her and fall so deeply in love with her. It’s an incredible thing to experience it, and it’s an even bigger treasure to see it on my children’s faces as they meet their baby sibling.

#onestepatatime #onedayatatime #enjoyeachmoment #bepresent #motherhood #childrenareamazing #lifeisgood #lifeisagift #babygirl #lifegoesfast #slowdown #fightfortimewiththem


Last summer of just the three – 2018

ashley's iphone feb12 1621

Trip to the Orchard – 2011?

ashley's iphone feb12 628

First date with the oldest after baby sister came along – 2010

ashley's iphone feb12 1089

That’s still her favorite blanket – 2011

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