Just Getting Started!

This week has been weird with the schedule. The kids started back at school for one day and then had a snow day due to temps being so low with the wind chill. Yikes! But on Thursday, their one measly day of school, I did have goals.

  1. Put away all of the Christmas decorations and the tree.
  2. Grocery Shop!
  3. Make dinner to drop off to new parents
  4. Make dinner for our TLE meeting!
  5. be on time, get kids from school, run my friend’s kid home, keep my son alive – I mean occupied… and STAY ON TRACK!

I would start to do a little dusting and organizing but I kept hearing my hubby in my head, stay focused and don’t get distracted! So on the way to our meeting we got the text that school was canceled and we were able to not rush home! Hooray! We did have one little minor repercussion to my staying focused…


Exhibit A

Yikes! But. Often times we run ourselves ragged and then just sit in despair and look around at everything we didn’t accomplish. Absolutely there’s that balance of getting things done and staying on top of having stuff in order, but we also need to stay optimistic, positive, and encouraging – even to ourselves. God looks to the heart and has good plans for you. He isn’t screaming at you for everything you’re failing to do. Take His hand and do this one step at a time. He’s got you.

So I’m looking forward to this new year’s goals and excited for what’s to come. I want to be fully present in everything I do this year and be more there with my family and everyone I run into. I get to teach at an I Can Adult brunch tomorrow at The Freedom Center and I’m stoked, humbled, and yes honestly I’m a little anxious/nervous too. Say a prayer for me that hearts would be encouraged and inspired. That the Holy Spirit would do a new thing in every heart and speak love and truth.

Here’s to January 5th! It’s just starting and I’m blessed to be here and doing all of this!

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