Riding Along; Invited in.

IMG_8694So an accountant got up and dressed about a month or so back around 4:30 in the morning to go ride along on a 12 hour shift with two paramedics for a day. She’s just been a stay at home mom/wife for the past couple years. Just kinda doing her thing and just so happened to hang out with some friends and get invited to ride along.

Is it that easy? Sure is. Why would she do that? Pretty much because she could. I don’t see how you could get extended an invitation like that and not take it. But seriously, why?

The only way I can explain it, it that I’ve always had this deep desire to see life from other people’s perspective. The more places I’ve been, and the more people I’ve met, the more I see and realize that we’re all way more alike than we are different. No matter the country, culture, upbringing, whatever… we’re all trying to answer all the same basic life questions and figure out where we all fit in the midst of it.

So this accountant, SAHM lady just up and decides to do a ride along. It was me and it was absolutely incredible. No, I wasn’t excited about anyone getting hurt, but hear me… it was the best ride along I could have ever experienced, and my first responder buddies said the same thing. We saw and helped a lot of folks that day, saw a little bit of everything, and nobody died on our watch.

Imagine this, the craziest, scariest moments of people’s lives and you’re invited to walk right into the situations. They’re freaking out and your presence provides assurance and comfort. The doors open, people listen, and people are just so grateful for you to be there. To be welcomed and wanted in such intimate and personal moments is a tremendous honor and privilege.

IMG_8670And now I’ve been given permission to encourage the first responding community within our communities? Oh Lord, yes. But God give me words, give me a heart to feel and mourn, and celebrate and provide support and comfort. Hear me, you are not alone. Although the vast part of our communities don’t realize on a daily basis just what you’re going through, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t valued, wanted, and so important to us. Sometimes we just need some direction and permission to be let in and be a part of your world too. So help me to understand. Help me know what you need. Help me to learn how to be the friend that you need.

Our communities need to bridge these gaps and understand the trauma you’re trying to tackle on a daily basis, let alone deal with the craziness going on in our own lives as well. But we all need to reach out in the midst of our own pain and victories, to grab your hand as well.

So here we go…


“I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.” ~ Isaiah 45:2

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