Riding Along…

Hey! So… I’m going to be doing something pretty random and incredible tomorrow. I’m going on a ride along!! In an ambulance. With a buddy that’s a paramedic.

FullSizeRender 11


WHAT?? WHY?? Well, because I CAN. And because somehow a few months ago when we were all talking about our work and whatnot I somehow probably said something about how cool it was and how awesome it would be to see all of that. No, it’s not cool to have horrible things happen but let me explain that in a second. So he responds with, “Well, why don’t you come on a ride-along?” To which I thought; “Well, why don’t I?”

Somehow God has put this on my heart and it won’t go away. I’ve always wanted to understand the brokenness of others and understand why they’re hurting. To have access into terrible situations and offer love and comfort is monumental. Anyone in the emergency/response fields are heroes. The doctors, nurses, firefighters, officers, social workers, etc… You see the absolute pain and destructiveness of humanity and you run to it instead of away from it. God has called us all to heal the broken, free the captive… yet you all have answered the call in such an incredible, tangible, and powerful way.


Isaiah 61

So I’m taking the invitation to run toward the broken. I’m running into the fire for reasons I can’t even understand. And yet it’ll only be one 12 hour shift. For these guys it’s their life. I get 12 hours to see just a piece of their world and the world of others in a way that I’ve never seen before. 12 hours that God has already ordained for me. To step into households and situations and to see what He has willed me to see and to pray over things He wants me to pray over. I have no idea why God wants me to do this or what He’s going to use it for. But this scripture was spoken over me a few years ago and it continues to stir my heart.

Please pray. Pray for our emergency personnel and our communities. Pray for freedom for families and cities. That addictions are broken off. That peace and freedom are realized. That the souls, hearts and mindsets of the people around us are restored.

And most of all. Pray boldly for how God wants you to respond. Be willing to have your heart made alive and broke wide open in ways you could never imagine and live in such a way that you could never look back…

Romans 12:15 ESV
15 Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.

FullSizeRender 12


Lord, I’m excited. This is an incredible honor and privilege to be given a chance to see your heart. To see the hurt of others and be given the permission to be a part of those moments. There is so much going on around us, thank you for what you’re doing. Let it all be to glorify you. Let your kingdom come. 

I pray for miracles to happen, I pray that you protect these guys and me as we go. Holy Spirit lead us and guide us in all things. Be with them as they make decisions in an instant and at the end of the day, let Jesus be known and glorified. 

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