Pursuing My Village…

It’s nights like these that I look around and for a quick moment feel surrendered to the magic of the atmosphere. It’s a culmination of shared experiences and a consistency of time and intentionality as we do life together. It all leads me to these split seconds where I’m suddenly a witness to beauty and in awe of such a blessing.

Grateful. 11701071_814245749613_3161284098512091544_n

I’ve always had people around me. They’ve been amazing people. God has put just the right people in my life at just the right times and over the past 8 years even He’s shown me so much more of what family and friendships look like. He’s provided support and strength through some, and wisdom and challenges through others. However, over the past couple years he’s shown me more of what ‘pursuing’ means or what it looks like to be intentional with relationships.

It goes back to the character of God. One of my friends is a teacher at heart. She’s taught me how to study the word of God and ask two tremendous questions;

1) What does the Bible tell me about God? As in his character and who He is.. and then…

2) Then what does that tell me about me? If we’re created in the image of God and we’re called to be like Christ then if we understand who God is then we can then understand who we’re called to be and how God sees us through Christ.

The entire concept blew my mind the first time I heard her teaching about it. So what does that have to do with pursuing friendships and relationships?

God pursues us…. So pursue them. 

Pursue them? But what if I bug them too much? What if they don’t have the same expectations? What if they get to know me so well that I annoy them? What if I hurt or offend them?


2014 Encounter Christmas Party


2016 Tigers Game


Our 1st Life Group Family


2016 TFC Haiti Missions Team

(Gosh I could cry looking through pictures. God has been so good to me and I’m so grateful for my village. Some of you have known me for a long time, or some just for the past year and your love and impact is eternal). 

So many very interesting things started showing themselves in my heart. My good, good Heavenly Father was showing me tremendous things. So I started pursuing those that I had great trust and relationship with already. Reaching out and encouraging them, inviting them for coffee, or scheduling hangouts and family dinners. Trying hard to not be strong for them 100% of the time and share my true fears and struggles with them. Pursuing them as a free gift, regardless of what came back.

Because in the end, they all loved me. But not all of them knew how much I loved them. So I’m trying to tell them more and be consistent. Trying to push through those walls of doubt and fear – that I’m going to lose friends because I’m going to mess up.

But if we’re truly allowing God to be in us and with us… then He leads us in all things, right? Leading us in unity, wisdom, understanding and forgiveness. I don’t have to worry about the conflicts… I get to just focus on the pursuit.

Bonfires. Laughter. Our kids playing kickball together. Being honest. Being myself. Letting my loud, boisterous laughs flow out. Looking around and seeing friends that have seen me at my worst and spoken life.

God you are so good and faithful. Thank you.

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