So Grateful for His Faithfulness.

Today in church, worship wasn’t what I thought it would be. I was wonderfully surprised by the flood of emotions and tears when we began to declare his faithfulness. In these moments where I can’t sing, I just pray. I contend for others in the room, or family or friends or whoever God lays on my heart. I intercede. How do I fully describe all of these things? How do I fully put into words all that he has done for me? All that he is?

I take very seriously, the fact that God tells us to pray and to pray big things! To pray that heaven would come to earth. That his will would be done here just as it is in heaven. I don’t take it lightly, the words that I pray. I’ve learned over the years to step into the authority that God has granted us and his promises towards prayer and faith. And so I prayed…

God breath new life right now! Those that are down and broken, breath new life into their bones, into their hearts and souls. Rise up and stand upon the mercy and promises of God! Oh you that are broken and heavy laden, rise up! Holy Spirit blow through the caverns of our souls. Give us a new heart, give us a new song! I pray that the gates of their hearts would be opened, that they would bravely step through the door, that rivers of living water would pour out, that they would receive your mercy, healing and salvation. 15590212_590410284477113_7951750864563443575_n

I pray in such boldness and find myself coming back to this state of almost of mental wildness. Shouldn’t I be so used to all of this by now? Shouldn’t I be used to not knowing the next steps and just being cool with winging it? Shouldn’t I be so used to God doing miraculous things and his faithfulness that I’m no longer anxious or nervous about tomorrow?

Again and again it goes back to; I can’t do this without Him. I can’t do anything without his word or without his Spirit. None of this will be in my own strength. None of this is even just on me. He’s leading us places and I’m taking the hand of my Father as he guides me. If I have to do this over and over, as I step into these new things, then so be it. It might sound repetitive to you all, but maybe someone out there will find hope and solace in knowing they’re not alone in these daily reminders. The daily choice to rise up and stand upon his truth and promises.

I will rest in your promises
My confidence is your faithfulness
I will rest in your promises
My confidence is your faithfulness
Faithful you are
Faithful forever you will be
Faithful yes you are
All your promises are yes and Amen
There’s a great many things coming. Oh child, arm yourself in his word and his Spirit. Find your guard and shelter in Him. Find your fire and strength in all that he is. Know him more. Know Him and fall in love with him deeper and wider and truer. All of these other things will sort themselves out, but first start with Him.
God, I’m so grateful for all that you’ve done and all that you continue to do. You’ve turned my mourning into dancing and my darkness into light and strength. You are my hope and my joy. You are my pursuer and my redeemer. You’ve brought life back into my bones and breathed a new life in this heart. I ask that whoever is reading this now, would call on you for help and find every good thing from your heart waiting for them. Yes and amen.

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