Looking Forward to Home.

We used to be able to refer to our ‘old house’ and then our ‘new house,’ and it was funny because our old house was the new house and our new house was an old house. But then we moved again. And then again. Originally, after we moved back from Tuscon, we were able to score a short-sale in a cute little sub when the market went all crazy. Four years later we felt God telling us to sell our home and work on our finances and live better within our means. So we did. Listed it on a Friday and it sold by Monday. It was nuts.


In The Spring Arbor Apartment (our 1st place!)

That’s just a snippet. My husband and I have had some incredible stories to go along with our moves. All of them have been woven into our testimony and we’ve created memories in special places. Friends that have known us now for the last 8 years, it’s kind of a joke that us Chandlers move a lot… it’s like, ‘Which house are you talking about?’ It’s so bad now that we have to refer to the house by which town it was located in; Gaines, Linden, Fenton… We have friends that have helped us move two or three of the times. Trust me, I provide plenty of food and water each time… but you know your friends love you that much when they show up to help again!

So here we are, renting while we pay off the remainder of our debt and save up for a down payment. That in and of itself is truly incredible because just a couple years ago I wouldn’t have ever imagined us being here now. I can’t even begin to describe how humbled and excited I am to be realistically looking forward to these next steps. However, now that it’s a reality and it’s coming closer, I’m starting to get all fixated on it and eager to get going. I want to downsize now and clean out every closet. I want to fill my Pinterest board with dream bathroom and bedroom ideas. So here’s a few things that God has taught us through the process of moving and finding “home” in various places;

  1. The moving process is always a way in which God will build your marriage and family. Seeking God’s will and obeying God’s word over buying a home and the financial impact it will have on the family is crucial. We must be willing to listen, communicate, compromise and make wise decisions accordingly. So much is at stake and God will bless and lead you if you allow him to. We can’t sacrifice our spouse’s heart for our own selfishness.

    The Linden House


  2. Be obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Trust that God’s got incredible plans for you. We made some crazy decisions that didn’t seem like a big deal to others, but they were huge to us. Be willing to stay when he’s asking you to stay. Be willing to go when he tells you to go. Hesitating holds up this good process.

    The Gaines House


    3. “Home” is something different for everyone. It’s so emotional and can be tough and exciting. Some of us run away from things that felt like home and others run to them. Being there for each other through this process is extremely intimate as you find more and more about each other. Your concept of home will change over time. Let God first be your home, and let his Spirit create that environment where everyone experiences love, mercy, grace, admonishment, wisdom, and protection. Then that sense of home will truly begin to grow.


    Our Tuscon Apartment


    4. Trust God in the timing. I’ve spent so much wasted energy letting my heart be unsatisfied in where we were at. I was not content at all. The more I realized how God was working in all of the details of my life and heart, the more I realized that all of the tangible, temporary things were just extra. We are so rich compared to most of the world with food, shelter and transportation. Not to mention access to education, medical services and public services here in the US. Sure, the world isn’t perfect, but my perfect God has met all of my needs. I am so grateful.

Exodus 13:21 “And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them along the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night.”

God, I pray that you would give us peace in whatever circumstances we are in right now. I pray peace and wisdom over folks that are in the moving process and making major decisions on buying or selling homes. I pray your Spirit to fill those that are homesick, or are trying hard to transition into a new place. I pray for those that have had to move due to lost jobs, divorce, sickness, or death in the family… that you would go before them and be their comfort and surety. I pray your word over our hearts and minds; continue to renew our minds. Thank you for your provision and guidance. May this all be for your glory and for our greater revelation of who you are and who we are to you. Amen! 

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Home.

  1. Jeremy Ballance says:

    We’ve been there! It has been amazing to see how God provides when our focus is on Him. Looking back, I realize each time we have moved, we have grown in our walk with Him and have been more and more focused on doing His will in our lives and not just moving because we wanted to. And each time, He has provided in literally miraculous ways (in my opinion). Being open to where he wants you to be is difficult when it goes against where YOU want to be…but when you know you are going there for His purposes, we rest in the peace of the Holy Spirit knowing we’re in the right place 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • encourager85 says:

      Amen! Thank you so much for sharing Jeremy! You guys have an incredible story as well and I am so thankful for the amazing things that God has done in and through you guys.


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