Finding New Places.

One of my most favorite things to do is go exploring paths and parks. Not the big nature paths or hiking trails, but just those cool little spots around our city’s parks or creeks. It’s easy for me to access with my littles and we can take an hour and still  be able to scoot back home quick for nap time.

It gives me such a peace to feel and hear the wind blow between the trees and hear the leaves rustle together. It’s a weird experience to feel the longevity of creation, of God’s exploringbushparkmasterpiece, and to be reminded of how we’re so fast-paced these days. He has such detail and wisdom in all of the things he’s created and it’s all to be a reflection of his glory. It also has such power to slow me down and bring me back to when I was 6 or 9 and would spend afternoons climbing trees or making little people and villages out of sticks and moss in my neighbor’s backyard. Ever since I was little God has used these environments to make me feel close to him, wanted, sought after, and known. Does anyone else out there feel the same? It’s weird to explain.

Monday we followed a path at Bush Park in Fenton that we’ve never been down before. We’ve lived here for 8 years now and never found this spot. We walked over a little bridge kalena&merailroadtracksand into a clearing, then around to another picnic table by the creek. Then up and up until we were on the railroad tracks! I felt such an excitement and joy finding a new treasure of a place. Better yet I was exploring with my oldest and she’s cut from the same cloth as me. She’s such an adventurer and willing to go where we’ve never gone before! It’s just so wonderful to see her excitement and reactions. Such a gift.

And maybe finding new places I didn’t know existed before reminds me of so many revelations of God’s truths in my heart. They were true and there all along, but I finally experienced the greatness and knowledge of them in my heart and mind. So thank you Lord for your precious, incredible gift of creation. And amazing little ones I get to call mine and share it with.

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