Growing in the Dark.

God has created you with amazing treasures that he's already instilled in you. Like the seed, it has all of the nutrients that God designed it with to grow and become this amazing tree or flower. In the darkness, hidden, when no one else can see what's going on God will water it and give life... Continue Reading →


Where’s the Adultier Adult?

I've joked a couple times this week that after 30-some years I finally feel like I'm #adulting well. Somewhere along the line in the last two years I feel as though I finally hit a good stride in who I am as myself; a wife, a mom, and how my giftings are lining up with... Continue Reading →

How Fun was That?

In two short years my life has changed upside down from where it was. I told a friend tonight; "If you would have told me two years ago that all of this was going to happen I would have told you, you were nuts. No flippin' way possible." To which he shot back; "I did tell you, and... Continue Reading →

Finding New Places.

One of my most favorite things to do is go exploring paths and parks. Not the big nature paths or hiking trails, but just those cool little spots around our city's parks or creeks. It's easy for me to access with my littles and we can take an hour and still  be able to scoot back... Continue Reading →

Running to Haiti.

In August 2015 last year my pastor ran across the state raising money to feed orphans in Haiti. After he finished a good friend of ours felt moved to continue the movement and pick up where Pastor Jim left off. So Tim ran 10 miles every day for 10 days or something crazy like that.... Continue Reading →

My Steady Compass.

My hubby and I have an incredible relationship. I am so beyond grateful for him and it wasn't always that way. God has done tremendous things in us over these last 11 & 1/2 years and who I am today is a direct result of my being married to him. He has such a strength... Continue Reading →

Processing Mother’s Day

Perspective changes everything and how we process and experience life is very different based on the seasons we each go through. I have found myself extremely intrigued by my experience of loss and grief now and how my perspective on life seems more accurate and far more extensive than it did before. I look at older... Continue Reading →

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