Loving Grandma Penny

Subconsciously I must been thinking about my Grandma a lot this past week or so because pictures and things keep coming up. Another day when it’s not so late I’ll sit down and write down tons of wonderful memories about her but for now I’m just going to leave a few quick things.

She was amazing and I loved her immensely. I was very fortunate to have spent lots of time with her growing up as we lived with my grandparents for two years when we moved back to Saginaw and then after we got our own house I’d bike over there to visit. We’d sing worship songs in her kitchen while doing dishes or cleaning; usually something from the Gaithers. She prayed for all of us and she never stopped loving us and believing in us. Her faith carried me through some tough times. She was constant and strong and yet tender and so kind. She was a witty ‘card shark’ and you never quite knew whether she was just that good or just lucky.

Her given name was Mary, but she picked up the nickname Penny after graduating high school and it stuck. In the last few years she moved down with my penniesforgrandmaaunt and they sold the house and it got harder for her to talk on the phone and so I called less and less. I got the honor of coming to stay with her when my aunt and uncle went on vacation a couple years ago.

Last fall she had a series of strokes (possibly seizures) and was put on hospice. I flew in and got to spend an incredible 4 days with both my aunts and my cousin I hadn’t seen in 8 years. It was some of the most treasured time I’ll ever experience. We talked to her, sang to her, encouraged her and joked with her, believing she could hear us. I miss her. She was so special and there’s a list of things I wish I would have asked her or talked to her about. Such wisdom and grace. God, thank you that you gave her to us, that she was my Grandma. That you gave us such an incredible lady that loved us so much. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories I get to hold on to. Thank you for showing what unconditional love is in such a tangible way in my life. I truly don’t know where I’d be without the life of this faithful woman.

20151103_111214-2.jpgMy aunt on the left is sitting on Grandma’s bed talking to her. My other aunt is in the middle, and my beautiful goofy cousin is on the right. God, it was such a precious, incredible time. I am forever grateful. 

2 thoughts on “Loving Grandma Penny

  1. Marsha Smithey says:

    Beautiful words sweet girl. There was never a moment in my whole life as her daughter, I ever felt the absence of her love. It was constant, and unconditional. Not sure why but one morning this week I had a really good cry in the shower at LA Fitness after an early morning swim. All of a sudden I missed her and it hit me out of nowhere. I called sister and we cried for a few minutes together. I miss her but more than grief, I have unspeakable gratitude that I got to have her as my mom. You’re a lot like her, you know that right? I love you. Aunt Marsha

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  2. encourager85 says:

    Thank you so much Aunt Marsha. I replied on FB on this comment, but read your comment again tonight. I am so grateful for you and Aunt MK and just the incredible legacy we get to continue. I am so honored to be like her in any way. Love you so much. (:


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