Good Friday

Jesus gave us an incredible example in his life, ministry, his leadership and death. He washed the disciples feet during his final hours, knowing he was leaving soon to suffer. He commands us to love one another, that the world would see who we are through our acts of love. What an incredible example and call.
It takes great courage to step out and love. To be who we were called to be, especially when we know if we stick our necks out there for all to see, at some point they’ll see how fallible we are as well.
But that my friends, is where character, integrity, authenticity, and credibility is produced. When under pressure, things don’t always go right, or you don’t always handle things right, and you seek to restore, grow, and make right.
Trust God. Seek his heart. The joy of the Lord is our strength. He’s blessed us to be a blessing. Abide in him. This isn’t all on you. You have an amazing Heavenly Father that goes before you, covers you, loves you. He’s wise, faithful, and steadfast. Let us stop hiding from him, making excuses as to why we don’t ask him for help.
We got a lot of amazing work to do, and abundant life to live.
Let’s do this.


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