About Me


Ashley Chandler


Most of us live in a disparity between the things we dream to do and the reality of the life and challenges we face daily. But. I truly believe that if each and every one of us decided to be brave in the face of life, and chose to fight for what we were created to dream and do, this world would be so very different. We would begin to see how grief, loss, and pain actually work together with joy, victory and healing. Please hear me. There is hope and today is a new day to breath new life into the dead and forgotten. You have amazing things stored up in your heart. God has created you for such a time as this. For incredible things.

My fight is for those dreams. My fight is that you would see that you are beloved, pursued, and important. And so are your dreams.

Be brave today. Believe in the impossible. Start taking steps towards those goals and dreams. And along the way let us spur one another on towards greatness, striving to give it everything we got while there’s still breath left in us. God’s not done with you yet, my friend…


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